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Focus the mind, dive to the depths of breath, find solace in the elements and respire!

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Military service members are regularly exposed to toxic and dangerous environments for long periods of time. The remedies usually equate to sensory overload, pharmaceutical drugs and disconnection from nature. Through focused breath, movement, meditation, reframing and immersion; I guide the willing to retune the healing elements within themselves and reconnect to nature!


We will breathe from the depth of our being and retune our senses. Together, we will reconnect with what is good within and around us. We will breath from the depth of our being and retune our senses. We will reconnect with what is good in us and around us.


We will move mindfully and release trauma. Together we will find what is right and best for each person's body. Collectively we will challenge ourselves, accepting where we are, push further and work to dive deeper daily!

Animal Connection

Animals work with our presence, movement and breath. Nature responds naturally. When we calm they calm. God’s creatures are reflections of what we are and what we need to be.

Nature Immersion

Exposing, experiencing, and immersing in the natural environment brings true restoration. My approach is to allow those raw elements to address the negative symptoms of our toxic lifestyles to truly heal minds and bodies.

It is my desire and intention to help those who won't ask for help. The ones who sacrifice, carry and burden themselves down. The frontline workers and first responders. The weight on their shoulders is unmeasurable at this time and with no end in sight. They have been there for my family when my daughter was very sick and when my family was in danger. Many of those times I was training or on the other side of the globe defending our country's freedoms. In the midst of my time of need and sometimes helplessness, they were there. Now I would like to be there for them.

More About Me

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Matt Toole

Owner and Founder

Growing up and serving our great nation globally I've seen and experienced the best and worst of mankind. I've received, caused and carried trauma. Hitting bottom, sometimes just surviving, ultimately thriving and at all times I fight for those who cannot!

This depth of real life experience around the world has given me unique insight. With those lessons I've been granted the opportunity to help special needs youth with breath, movement and animal therapy. Through focus, uplifting and holistic care I've been able to help other veteran'sthrough their trauma, transition and life journey.


As a pediatric occupational therapist I was on the hunt for simple yoga videos that would allow the children I work with access to a simple sequencing practice. Matt went above and beyond in his collaboration with me! He has created a series of videos (complete with elements of nature including his farm animals!) that focus on the skills I was looking to address. Matt even met with me multiple times to make sure the practices he created hit the mark. And they totally have! He has offered a unique approach that I have not been able to find in hours of searching the internet. Thank you, Matt!

Kootenai National Forest

In the beginning of my military career I promised my family that we would ultimately move to Montana. Be careful what you promise. Many deployments later my wife asked me to make good on my word. I did and God provided. Now my wife, children and extended family live on majestic Montana farm land. We work, toil and sweat here. But we also connect, reflect and heal within this raw landscape.

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